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We live in the midst of the era of modernity and the Internet, where in this context people can not even imagine their lives and the talk of their days without the facilitation that it offers us.

We know that in the midst of any doubt that comes to mind, the dear and fellow Google will be there to help us. But we must remember that until recently things were quite different and we did not have these tools so useful. Do you remember what it was like? This and much more we will see in the course of the article, continue with us!

Internet access

A few years ago, the amount attributed to money, incapacitated many people from having access to the internet, few homes had this access and the opportunity to have a computer or a cable network. Over time this was being modified and access became less restricted. 

The drop in the price of computer devices was one of the factors that contributed to this happening, because with this decrease all the components linked to it were following this decrease and suiting the reality of a larger number of people.

According to data recorded in 2013 by the Internet Steering Committee, an average of 53% of homes in the urban region have access to the computer and 48% of them with internet connection. And with regard to rural regions, there are only 21% of the houses with this, access, and a number of 15% of them that have internet.

Arrival of Social Networks

We can thus say that Orkut in 2004 was the one who started this journey to attachment to social networks. However in Uncle Sam’s country, the United States this taste had already gained its place in the years 1995, with Classmates is classified as the first social network existing to date. How we’re after america isn’t it? almost 10 years!

We can mention some of the best known and used social networks, in this list are:

And it’s in these networks that people spend most of their time.

Mobile Internet

After the broadband network gained its place in the leadership, mobile phone companies needed to emerge so that their use would not become obsolete, that’s when we went from huge cell phones to the dear Smartphones, and with them to the possibility of carrying a world in our pockets.

Each smartphone manufacturer company, or telephony companies ran so a career coming out of convenience and innovating day after day to suit the taste and use of their customers.

Connection speed

Because we are all in a personal dome and with no notion of the world next to it as a whole, we don’t all know the variety of speed and connection that exist, but know that there are places where internet users use a dial-up 56 kbit/s connection and locations with faster connections, such as 20 MB/s.

Obviously there are countries with a much faster network connection than those available in Brazil, Japan and the USA are an enviable example.

First world countries like Japan, live a technological intensity, the average internet connection speed there is 1 GB/s. That is, files that we take hours to download here even with the best of internets available, in these countries heavy downloads like these are made in a few minutes.

8 Curiosities

Speaking of internet, we highlight to you our readers a ranking with 8 curiosities of this world, Let’s see!?

  1. Has it ever been in mind to the curiosity of knowing why all Apple-branded products start with the letter “I”? Intriguing, isn’t it? If you didn’t ask, that curiosity just lit up in your brain! (RSRS) : “I” internet, instruct, individual, inspire and inform.
  2. Although it sounds like a joke, Mount Everest actually has 3G coverage; this due to the large number of people who decide to venture going to its summit, has then become a very visited tourist spot, and hence this adventurous favoritism.
  3. Do you realize that the Twitter logo is a bird? In order to play with this allusion, the avatar of new users of the network is an egg, that’s right, a wine that has just hatched, then emerging a “bird” in the net;
  4. Because despite having female audiences like its majority of users, Facebook has its blue layout? This is due to its creator Mark Zuckerberg being color blind and not seeing distinct colors like green and red;
  5. Did you know that even Ethiopia has the fastest internet network than brazil? sad reality isn’t it?
  6. Did you know that there is an alternative on Facebook where you can change the general language to “pirate English“. In doing so, the word “captain” appears before the name of your friends.
  7. Did you know that even though it is one of the worst internets in the world, The Brazilian is at the top of the ranking of the most expensive?
  8. Finally, and perhaps in the latter many will fit in, a very motivating curiosity, did you know that the big names in technology like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Michael Dell, didn’t finish their college?

So you can try to get these neurons up and running, that not having a degree is no excuse for not bringing brilliant ideas and jobs to the world!.

So we come to the conclusion that there is no point going against the waters of modernity, having a good internet, and being inside this world has become increasingly important and necessary.

And we know that this is such a beautiful vast universe, where we can walk from cute animal videos, to wonderful recipes, through that stand-up that makes us laugh to that sad movie of romance, entering the universe of quantum chemistry, and exploring the world of physics with experiences and formulas, the internet has everything a little, and with an option for every taste. Best of all, it’s that options like this are within reach of a click, and you can learn countless things from this wonderful friend we affectionately call the Net.

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